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We at DT2GO, will ensure that every website that comes for optimization gets the right amount of attention and it goes through our rigorous process of providing “uniqueness” in every possible manner.


  • This is an Add-on service which requires a subscription plan with one of the Website Lease Plans.
  • This is a $249.00 monthly plan. The initial payment will be billed at checkout, then you will be billed monthly for the service. 
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PLEASE NOTE: $249.00 is the setup fee ONLY, Your monthly subscription fee will be $249.00


Website improvement is the system that gets worldwide presentations for our clients. The strategies utilized in the improvement procedure are novel and all around intended to meet the necessities for expanded traffic. Since higher is the positioning more is the opportunity of individuals visiting the site and more will be the gainfulness.

The vast majority of the SEO firms guarantee that they give the most elevated positioning in the topmost web crawlers in any case, one primary idea driving this is the “catchphrase” for which they are offering the assistance.

Envision scanning for ABC organization in Google so what is the principal result very clear your organization name yet only one out of every odd body realizes that ABC organization is doing XYZ work.

Now and again, the SEO organizations give streamlining to cloud words that numerous individuals don’t know aside from the SEO Experts themselves. SO, RELY ON THE BEST.

So rely on the best.

search engine results

Search Engine Results

Each time you fill a word for the scan that gets results for two kinds: – Genuine outcome is a rundown of those locales that have content applicable to that word. The positioning of a site relies on how perfect that substance of the site is to that word and how significant that substance is. Mind you 87% of the traffic to any site is directed though real results and not paid.

The following classification is the Paid” or “Supported connections”. It adds up to that outcome which the web crawler gets paid for and depends on the amount you pay and certainly on the nature of work done. Pay Per click just alludes to the plan as indicated by which the promoter needs to pay just when the client has tapped on the connection.

Mind you 87% of the traffic to any site is directed though real results and NOT PAID.

The next category is the Paid” or “Sponsored links”. It amounts to that result which the search engine gets paid for and depends how much you pay and definitely on the quality of work done. Pay Per click, simply refers to the scheme according to which the advertiser has to pay only, when the user has clicked on the link.

Paid advertisements getting out of reach of your pocket?

The best alternatives to stay away from the paid advertisements, is to turn to SEO consultants for ‘Real’ advertising.

Strategies of SEO

Two principle bolts for focusing on higher positions in web crawlers are:-

Watchwords and Phrases (Keywords): Those words or assortment of words that carries the client to web index and grounds directly into your site. More the measure of significance and significance of the substance composed higher your site positions!

Link Creation : How web crawlers judge the significance of the issue in your site? The appropriate response is “connecting”. They tell the web crawlers how significant your website is and relying upon that the web indexes choose the tallness of positioning by deciding the significance for them to show it at the highest point of the positioning outcome.

Copy Writing-: Web content is continually going to be the lord of SEO. Except if the substance is having those proficient catchphrases, it’s near to no utilization. Duplicate composing is the action of composing the substance which remembers the catchphrases for the most gainful way. Another term related to the Copy composing is Copy altering in which the substance is frequently refreshed relying on the chain of command of keyword phrases and significance.

Each time a site is made it gets enlisted with the web indexes and they investigate all information and list, for example, record the details and give your site the sort of positioning its merits.


We at DT2GO will guarantee that each site that desires enhancement gets the perfect measure of consideration and it experiences a thorough process of “uniqueness” in each conceivable way.

As indicated by the necessities of the client and from the client’s perspectives, we implement tailor-made techniques that is designed to increase clients’ website visibility as well as improve clients’ website positioning on the internet.


  • Simply using the right words
  • Getting effective and safe website backlinking
  • Usage of right keywords when creating backlinks
  • Create relevant content regularly